Throwback Thursday: Wrapped Bread

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Would you buy an unpackaged, unwrapped loaf of bread to take home for your family to eat? Well, before July of 1928, you would have had to do so. On Jan. 16, 1908 Inventor R.L. Lynch reported to Washington newspapers his experimental demonstration of wrapping bread when it is taken from the oven […]

TIP TUESDAY: Improve Your Interview Techniques

by Greg Smith for Business Know-How online Having a hard time finding the right candidate for your job opening? There are four reasons interview techniques fail. Here’s what they are and how to conduct better interviews A successful interview should determine if there is a match between the individual and the job. Furthermore, a good […]

WEDNESDAY WORKFACT: 80% of Jobseekers See Value in Video Job Ads

By Melissa Blazejak, Editor, HR Daily Advisor Finding top talent is a huge challenge for many employers across the country. However, if you begin to understand jobseekers and what they want, you may be better equipped to stand out among your peers. One way to do this is by keeping up with the latest hiring […]

TIP TUESDAY: The Psychology of Hiring & Retaining Top Talent

By Eric Frazer, Psy.D., Psychological Consultant for the Daily Advisor online Identifying the so-called soft psychological skills  of high performers can be challenging, especially when considering that many personality tests are outdated and don’t capture the emotional intelligence attributes of current and new (Millennial/Gen Z) workers in 2019. Those outdated tests told you that […]

TIP TUESDAY: Interviewing (Investigating?) Candidates

{by Tadd Downs for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) online} My job for the past 25 years has been to put bad guys in jail. I am sure you are asking, “Why is a criminal investigator writing an article for an HR publication?” An investigator and an HR professional have more in common […]

TIP TUESDAY: Developing a Strong Hiring Plan

by Jennifer Carsen, J.D., Senior Legal Editor & Karen Barretta, Contributing Editor, HR Daily Advisor Employers can’t develop effective hiring strategies without knowing the kind of talent they already have on board, what they’ll need in the future, and how to fill any gaps. A workforce analysis can identify those gaps so that employers can […]

TIP TUESDAY: Develop a Strong Hiring Plan

{by Jennifer Carsen, J.D., Senior Legal Editor & Karen Barretta, Contributing Editor online at The HR Daily Advisor) What can you do to make sure your hiring plan is solid? How do you fill in the missing gaps? Today we’ll look at workforce analysis. Employers can’t develop effective hiring strategies without knowing the kind of […]

WEDNESDAY WORKFACTS: Recruiting and Hiring Trends

The job of a recruiter or HR Consultant is never dull.   We deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of industries in various locations.   On a weekly basis we get interesting requests from resume writing to reviewing temporary job descriptions to helping organizations with their HR policies and procedures. In order […]

TIP TUESDAY: 3 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining New Employees in 2018

{by Nick Murphy, CEO of Mid-America Careers Friday – January 26, 2018} As a small business owner, you’re living proof that the American Dream is still alive and well. You’ve taken the risks, made few enough mistakes to successfully grow your business, and now you find yourself fully engaged in a war for the kind […]

TIP TUESDAY: What Went Wrong?

{excerpted from an article at SHRM online} Experts recommend that HR document what went wrong with bad hires and incorporate what was learned into the organization’s hiring process going forward. “A good hiring process requires not only preparation but consistency, documentation and continuous analysis of data so that successful methods can be captured and continued, […]