Your Trusted Hiring Solution

The Hire Solution team diligently listens and responds with the intent to understand their clients’ situation and expectations.

Alone we are smart; together, we are brilliant. At The Hire Solution, we become your trusted ally and form a professional relationship. We value people from all walks of life. We believe that equitable employment changes lives. We believe that only good people can make companies great. We can make those connections.

Our History

The Hire Solution’s history is one of evolution by dedicated employment professionals
whose focus and methods adapted to the changing needs of business clients.

The Hire Solution began as Wide Scope Personnel, an engineering focused direct placement firm in the 1960s.  Through decades of economic turmoil and change, Wide Scope expanded services to meet the needs of its client base.    During the recession of the 90’s, employers began to utilize posts on job boards.

At a time when companies were avoiding employment agency fees, they were spending a significant amount of time and money sloughing through hundreds of resumes.  Luisa developed a program and service called First Review™ transferring the initial vetting of resumes to her experienced recruiters. Clients utilized First Review™ for a fee to review resumes against weighted criteria and conduct the preliminary phone screen using specific filter questions. The First Review™ process was a beneficial way to sort the resumes and follow up with top candidates.

Re-branded as The Hire Solution in 2002, the new name promoted the mission of the company: to be the hiring partner a business needs and the results it should expect.

Our Affiliations...

The common ‘truisms’ we hear, “No man is an island” or “It takes a village” are frequently quoted because they are true.  No business owner can operate in a void, with no peer influence or no trusted ally sounding board. Organizations that involve business management with opportunities to meet like-minded businesses and share common problems and suggest solutions are key to building growth. Organizations that encourage volunteerism and provide a vehicle to give back to the community (be it local or global) aide in the growth of the business culture.

We encourage everyone to join an organization that feeds the soul and the bottom line.