Gain valuable resume review, interview, preparation, and feedback with our hiring professionals.

You are not just a checklist of qualifications, but a person with diverse experiences and stories. We work alongside you and present job opportunities that are a good fit for you and our client. Whether or not your next career step comes through us, your experience will be one of respect and professionalism.


TheHireSolution – Resume Services

Resumes are typically reviewed to weed out candidates. When you register with the Hire Solution, we help you create a polished, engaging resume. Resumes are often processed through an automated system that mines keywords. We suggest keywords and phrases to make your resume more ‘visible’ to the algorithms and offer formats to better showcase your strengths.



Most people are nervous about interviewing - so much is on the line. Uncertainly on how to respond to questions concerning goals, salary, employment gaps, and skills can undermine your confidence. We know the well-prepared applicant has the optimal chance of getting hired. We guide you through a mock interview with typical questions and suggest how to answer them.


TheHireSolution – skills training

We don’t use computerized testing to disqualify you because people don’t utilize ‘advanced’ skills every minute of every day.

We look at tiered results of your testing metrics and identify your unique skill set.  Find the fit for your abilities and shine in your new position.

What The Hire Solution can do for YOU!

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We listen to you with the intent to understand you point of view and career goals.

When we ask questions, your answers lead us to a better understanding of who you are and what you want to do. With that information we connect you to like-minded employers who are searching to hire a person like you.

Our deep dive questions allow us to better understand who you are and your employment goals.  Connecting you with like-minded employers, searching to hire a person like you…