WEDNESDAY WORKFACT: Attracting and Retaining Millennials & Gen Z

Following a year where geopolitical and social concerns gave rise to a new wave of business activism, millennials and Gen Z are sounding the alarm, according to Deloitte’s 7th annual Millennial Survey.z The responses of more than 10,000 millennials in 36 countries, and 1,080 GenZs in six countries, suggest that this is an ideal time […]


Start a conversation with a relative you see only once or twice a year, and impress your family members and friends at the holiday table when you share some of these interesting facts about Thanksgiving ! 1. The first Thanksgiving was actually a three-day celebration. Governor William Bradford organized the feast, inviting the Plymouth colonists’ […]

WEDNESDAY WORKFACT: Things You May Not Know About “White Christmas”

{excerpted from the Good Housekeeping article online} The beloved holiday classic has some fascinating back stories: “Sisters” wasn’t part of the script. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye’s comedy act “dressed up like a dame” wasn’t originally in the story. They were goofing around, though, and director Michael Curtiz found it so funny that he wrote […]

WEDNESDAY WORKFACT: Aflac Workforces Report Shows Strong Job Satisfaction, Benefits

{from HR Daily Advisor online} 2017 saw job satisfaction among U.S. employees fall. However, the American workforce might be out of its funk! According to new research, there is strong evidence that workers as well as their employers have renewed feelings of workplace optimism and satisfaction. However, despite many reasons to be positive, employees and […]