TIP TUESDAY: 5-Step Strategy for Inspiring Personal Accountability

{excerpted from an article at Inc. magazine online}

Shifting a company culture from parent-child to everyone held accountable for success requires leaders seeing the potential in all people and treating them with dignity and respect.

Here is a five-step strategy to generate a culture of high accountability.

  1. Educate and communicate to your most valued employees about the mission, how the business works, and the impact their day-to-day work has on  both short-term and long-term success.
  2. Include employees in the decision-making process related  to things like work processes and how to increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Empower your high potentials and other key employees with leadership concepts that help  them make better decisions and support business objectives.
  4. Identify and remove obstacles that get in the way of employee commitment and loyalty.
  5. Teach managers a “bottom up” leadership approach by eliminating  micromanaging, removing fear, and giving  employees more  access to information.

To recap, a sound strategy for removing costly irresponsible behaviors  like chronic tardiness from your company is to arouse  a culture of accountability that enables employee commitment. When employees are held in high esteem and trusted with owning  their work, it’s  easier to bring up the business impact of unwanted behaviors (like chronic tardiness) when it happens. At the same time, leaders will want to engage  employees by involving them in problem-solving and creating  solutions they, themselves, will want to implement.

Read the entire article at Inc. magazine online