WEDNESDAY WORKFACT: 8 Scientific Facts That Will Completely Change How You Work

{from The Muse online}

There’s a lot of career advice out there, so you may be wondering: Is all of this stuff just anecdotal, or is there some cold, hard, Bill Nye-approved science out there to back any of this up?

Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the internet for scientific facts about the workplace that you can seriously use to improve your career.

  1. The first step to being a master of the workplace is to train your brain to make sure you’re not falling for all those office politics. (Lifehacker)
  2. Want to be happier and healthier in the office? Scientists found that employees who have control over the design and layout of where they work do way better. (Science Daily)
  3. The secret to more productivity in the office could be a simple change on the thermostat. (Fast Company)
  4. With Sweden coming out with a six-hour workday, what does science say about the optimal number of hours of work? (ScienceNordic)
  5. People always say that multitasking isn’t good for you, but is that really true? (Harvard Business Review)
  6. Breaking news: Procrastinating on your work might actually be a really, really good career move. (99U)
  7. Trying to power through a productivity slump? It turns out that doing so could be costing you a lot in the workplace. (The New York Times)
  8. And finally, we have an answer as to whether or not all of the time you spend on the internet at work is actually making you dumber. (The Atlantic)

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