TIP TUESDAY: Recruiting Practices That Scare Away Candidates

By Bridget Miller, HR Daily Advisor online Recruiting during a time of talent shortfalls can be daunting. During these times, it’s imperative to not be doing things that will scare off those who are interested; there are fewer applicants for any given job opening right now, so losing even a few can mean the difference […]

WEDNESDAY WORKFACTS: Recruiting and Hiring Trends

The job of a recruiter or HR Consultant is never dull.   We deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of industries in various locations.   On a weekly basis we get interesting requests from resume writing to reviewing temporary job descriptions to helping organizations with their HR policies and procedures. In order […]

TIP TUESDAY: What Went Wrong?

{excerpted from an article at SHRM online} Experts recommend that HR document what went wrong with bad hires and incorporate what was learned into the organization’s hiring process going forward. “A good hiring process requires not only preparation but consistency, documentation and continuous analysis of data so that successful methods can be captured and continued, […]