TIP TUESDAY: Five Top Priorities of an HR Department of 1

By James Davis, Editor, HR Daily Advisor   HR Management & Compliance Among organizations in and around the United States, 30% have only one HR professional. That represents a great number of individuals who single-handedly manage every HR aspect for their organization. At this year’s SHRM expo, the author of this article attended the session […]

TIP TUESDAY: Fun on the 4th!

There are plenty of ways to celebrate our nation’s independence on the 4th of July – here are 10 ideas: 1. Barbecue: A holiday isn’t complete without some amazing food, and the Fourth of July is for some great barbecue delights! Classic burgers, brats, hot dogs, ribs, steaks, chicken, ears of corn – and don’t […]

TIP TUESDAY: Improve Your Interview Techniques

by Greg Smith for Business Know-How online Having a hard time finding the right candidate for your job opening? There are four reasons interview techniques fail. Here’s what they are and how to conduct better interviews A successful interview should determine if there is a match between the individual and the job. Furthermore, a good […]

TIP TUESDAY: Recruiting and Retaining CFOs

In a tight labor market, recruiting top talent is tough, and even more so when you’re looking to recruit executive roles. But fear not, we’ve got an expert who is sharing some tips to help you recruit and retain a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As the Managing Director of the San Francisco/Silicon Valley office of […]

TIP TUESDAY: 4 Steps to Create an Effective Workplace Political Expression Policy

By Seamus Roddy, Content Writer, Clutch Apr 18, 2019 HR Policies & Procedures Discussions about politics can feel ubiquitous. People share their political opinions on social media, announce their political leanings in public, and are comfortable discussing politics at work. But, political discussions can disrupt workplace harmony. How can your company effectively manage political expression […]

TIP TUESDAY: Biggest Mistakes New HR Managers Make (part I)

(from SHRM online) Do you remember your first HR job? Whether it was three years ago or three decades ago, chances are that one of your strongest recollections is of a mistake you made. You might have trusted the wrong person, or made an error in judgment that affected a colleague or customer. That’s why […]

TIP TUESDAY: 3 Sentences to Deal with Underperforming Employees

{from Inc. magazine online} Here’s the great thing about working with rockstar  employees: You know you can always count on them … well, until you can’t. How do you handle the situation when one of your rockstars (or another employee) starts to underperform? According to Jeff Weiner,  CEO of LinkedIn, all you need to do […]

TIP TUESDAY: 15 Ways to Address Negative Morale

By Bridget Miller for HR Daily Advisor online Negative or low morale among employees can be problematic for employers. Not only does it lead to an unhappy workplace, but it can also cause increased turnover and decreased productivity. And unfortunately, it can be difficult to fully recover from low morale once it sets in. What […]

TIP TUESDAY: How to Thank Employees ”and Make It Matter

{Excerpted from an article at HR Daily Advisor online by Carrie Andrews, Head of Corporate Marketing at Sterling, a leader in global background and identity services.} As Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse, says, a company is only as good as its people.  A solid team of qualified professionals makes for a successful business […]