TIP TUESDAY: 7 Important New Year’s Resolutions for HR Professionals

{excerpted from an article by Manila Recruitment}

2018 is almost here!

As recruitment consultants and HR professionals, it’s important to conduct a year-end review and evaluate the areas that you need to improve. Here are important new year’s resolutions for HR professionals to push for this coming new year.

1. Update outdated and unnecessary HR policies.

It’s important to stay up-to-date with the evolutions and changes within the HR industry.

Review your current policies and revise or remove outdated ones. Find out what other companies are doing, and determine whether their strategies will work for your organizational structure.

Do research within your organization and survey employees to determine the policies that work and those that don’t provide the wanted results. Ask them what they want. This will help you get an idea about the perks and benefits that your employees value more.

2. Get brand partners who are willing to provide discounts, promos, and packages to your employees.

Additional perks such as discounts and promo packages at partner establishments can help increase employee engagement and contribute to brand awareness.

When other customers of that establishment walk in and see your brand logo on the check-out counter, they will become acquainted with your company.

As HR and recruitment consultants, you want your brand and company logo to be as visible as possible. Of course, you want your employees to be completely engaged with the company and spread the good word about it.

3. Give employees feedback, not just in performance reviews.

Although financial rewards and tangible perks are great motivators, positive feedback works like a charm in improving employee performance. It can be as simple as praising an employee when you see him or her do a good job. Be specific about your praise so that they know exactly what they’re doing that merited your compliment.

You don’t have to wait for quarterly performance reviews before you offer employee feedback. Just do it every time a situation calls for it.

4. Update your company profile and personal LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is an effective recruitment channel where you can find top talents. Make sure your company profile and personal pages are updated. This will show applicants, candidates, and competitors that you’re on top of today’s digital trends.

You can also ask employees to link their LinkedIn accounts to the company page to increase visibility.

5. Read more helpful resources and news.

This coming year, allot time for reading news and articles about the HR and recruitment industry. Follow industry leaders and recruitment consultants who consistently publish quality content to get new ideas and strategies from their work.

6. Streamline your recruitment process.

Talent acquisition, recruitment, and employee retention are some of the most important functions of your HR team. Streamlining your process will help you reach top talents and candidates who are fit for your organization’s open positions.

Remember that employee engagement starts the moment an applicant sends in their resume (not on the first day of their job), so be sure that the recruitment process offers a positive experience for your candidates.

7. Reorganize personnel files.

Have documents piled up in your office in 2017? You may have a current personnel file system, but chances are, your team has implemented new policies and procedures during the year. There may be some documents and old files that can be sent to the records section.

Filing is one of those tedious, boring tasks that you don’t want to do, but glad you did. Who knows? You may uncover a long-lost resume of someone who is perfect for an open position.

Every year, there are new trends and changes in every industry, so it’s important to keep up and stay updated. HR professionals and recruitment consultants should continuously innovate their team and HR processes to contribute to the company’s growth and development.

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