WEDNESDAY WORKFACT: HR Stats, Facts and Trends

According to statistics from Bersin, KPMG, Edelman, Gallup, Glassdoor, BambooHR and other HR research reports: $4,000 is the average amount U.S. companies spend to fill an open position. (Talent Acquisition Factbook, Bersin by Deloitte) It takes an average of 52 days to fill an open position, up from 48 days in 2011. (Talent Acquisition Factbook, […]

TIP TUESDAY: Improving the Employee Experience

by Bridget Miller, HR Daily Advisor Employee retention is key to the successful management of your organization, and one thing you can do to keep valued employees is to focus on the “employee experience.” Here are some tips for improving the employee experience: Remember that the employee experience begins during the recruitment process. First impressions […]

TIP TUESDAY: Top questions you should ask during an interview

{excerpted from a column by Mary Lee Gannon for The Ladders} Job interviews are laced with questions that give interviewers the opportunity to get to know A) if you will be an asset to the company and B) if you will fit into the company culture. As a prospective hire, use the interview as an […]

TIP TUESDAY: 5 Ways to Build a Great Company Culture

{Excerpted from an article at business} The one thing your competition can’t steal or copy is your company culture. Make your small business’ employees feel appreciated and valued by creating a great company culture using these tips from Piyush Patel, author of Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work. How many times have you heard […]

TIP TUESDAY: What Went Wrong?

{excerpted from an article at SHRM online} Experts recommend that HR document what went wrong with bad hires and incorporate what was learned into the organization’s hiring process going forward. “A good hiring process requires not only preparation but consistency, documentation and continuous analysis of data so that successful methods can be captured and continued, […]