WEDNESDAY WORKFACTS: Recruiting, Job Seeking & Resumes

{from a blog post by Neocase}

The Internet has opened up available career openings to a much wider audience. Knowing how to market an open position to the right audience, and on the other side of the coin, how to target a resume and handle an interview is crucial. Here are some fun facts about these processes paraphrased from Martin Buckland of Business to Community:

  • In the US, there are 3 million unfilled jobs and 11.8 million unemployed workers.
  • The average time spent by recruiters looking at a resume is just 5 to 7 seconds, with 76% of resumes discarded for having an unprofessional email address.
  • In 2000, 22% of resumes were submitted via email or posted on the web. In 2014, over 90% of resumes were posted online or sent via email. But, only 35% of applicants are actually qualified for the jobs to which they apply.
  • Applicant Tracking Software, the robots that read your resume, is able to quickly eliminate 75% of the applicants.
  • 427,000 resumes are posted each week on Monster, 89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn and 8,000,000 applicants found their job on Twitter.
  • 93% of recruiters are likely to look at a candidate’s social media profile “ so you might not want to post those images from the last party you attended!
  • While the average length of an interview is 40 minutes, 33% of 2000 surveyed bosses indicated they know within the first 90 seconds if they will hire that candidate. How? Disqualification ˜tells’ include: being too fashionable/trendy (70%), failure to make eye contact (67%), not being knowledgeable about the company (47%), lack of confidence/smile (38%), bad posture (33%), weak handshake (26%) and crossing arms over chest during interview (21%).