THROWBACK THURSDAY: Antiquated Office Supplies

As your Facebook friends tag you in photos from your high school football or cheerleading days in the spirit of Throwback Thursday, we can’t help but get nostalgic for office supplies from yesteryear.

1. White out. Need we say more? Remember the odor it provided and the stains it left on your best business suit? Of course, we wouldn’t have needed white out if we didn’t make typos from ¦

2. Typewriters. It’s unfathomable to us to not be able to save a document, let alone use copy and paste but such was the predicament of our parents. How did anyone get any work done having to re-re-re type letters to the CEO? And the noise of 100’s typewriters going at it, all in one room!

3. Rolodex. Thank goodness for LinkedIn and mobile phones, right? And not having to manually search for someone by his/her name. Yes, databases now store everything from the competitions’ CEOs to the name of your vet…. but at least Rolodexes (Rolodexi?) couldn’t evaporate in the blink of an eye.

4. Old fax machines. Yes, we know fax machines are alive and well (and long live the eFax!) but we’re going retro for the type of fax on shiny paper that curled up after it was received and you couldn’t write on with any writing instrument known to man.

5. Dymo label makers. We can put filing cabinets and hard copy files in this category, too but who doesn’t want to kick it old school with one of these labels? Yes, they were technically labels that were eventually peeled off like stickers with raised letters.

You might think filing cabinets would be on this list, but they’re still in place; in fact, probably even more of them. Where else are you going to store all those papers generated by our “modern” conveniences!

This is just a simple list for starters. What tools do you remember using every day and with what you couldn’t live without? What do you occasionally long for? What do you miss?