WORKFACT WEDNESDAY: Unusual Workplace Facts

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1. Does dress code affect workplace productivity?

61% of employees are more productive when the dress code is relaxed 

Many businesses are embracing the casual Friday dress code, and with good reason. Recent research shows that employees work more effectively if they’re allowed to dress in a way that makes them more comfortable. Forgo the suit and embrace business casual.

2. Millennials in the workplace

It’s estimated that millennials will make up 35% of the workforce by 2020. 

It probably feels like you can’t fire up your web browser without being inundated with a million mentions of millennials (and many of them negative in tone). However, millennials in the workplace, and their impact upon the future of the office, is an important discussion to have “ and one that is pertinent to our future, as they become a bigger part of our workforce. Further reading: Different Generations, Different Office Needs ¦

3. Robotics in the workplace

By 2020, robotics and AI will begin to take over repeatable, transactional tasks. 

Robots are becoming a regular feature of the workplace, as they take over the more mundane, but necessary responsibilities for us. It looks like robotics and AI are the future for many of us, but won’t we still require real human interaction, not to mention the type of critical thinking and feeling that only a human is capable of?

4. How tidy is your desk?

41% of workers believed that an organized workspace is key to doing a good job 

The state of your desk debate raged on this year, and probably will for a while yet! While many businesses have adopted tidy desk or clear desk policies in recent years, there is still a small but passionate minority who argue that the messy desk is imperative to their performance.

5. Color in the workplace

80% of office workers believe color can affect their mood  “Gone are the days when all offices kept to a drab, beige palette ¦ as businesses continue to embrace their fun sides (office slide, anyone?) and look for low-cost ways to boost the output of their workforce, business leaders are taking stock of how colour and design can affect employees.

6. Workplace interruptions

The average worker gets an average of 122 emails per day 

We all know what it’s like to be snowed under with emails, but are they becoming more of an interruption than a helpful facet of the workplace? According to research, we’re being interrupted at work once every 8 minutes, so no wonder so many of us are looking for new ways to ramp up our levels of productivity. Further reading: The hidden cost of workplace interruptions

7. Music in the Workplace

One in five workers now listens to an iPod or similar device at their desk, with just under a quarter listening to music for up to three hours each day 

People seem divided over the issue of music in the workplace, and for good reason. Still, as the number of workers who use an iPod or similar to listen to music in the office shows, perhaps it’s a helpful tool for a significant percentage of us.