TIP TUESDAY: How to Thank Your Employees

As promised in last Tueasday’s blog post, here are the other five ways to thank employees:

6. Include Family Members

Your employees may be the only ones employed, but each member of the family is invested in the company in one way or another. Whether they are sacrificing sit-down family meals or time together on the weekends, etc., these individuals deserve to be recognized, too. Make it a point to invite family members to holiday parties and include them in office gatherings whenever possible.

7. Make Their Lives Easier

The sheer amount of time spent in the workplace can sometimes make it difficult for much else. There are days when running out for a cup of coffee seems unattainable. Keep your staff focused and content by stocking the office kitchen with energizing essentials like coffee drinks and fresh juice, power bars, and other snacks.

8. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Remember that just as your employees have different interests and motivations, the way you reward them should be unique, too. Whether it be a congratulatory e-mail or a holiday gift, ensure each gesture is thoughtful and specifically tailored to the individual.

9. The Power of Appreciation

While exchanging gifts is a great way to celebrate your employees during special occasions, it’s simply not sustainable year-round. Expressing your gratitude doesn’t have to cost a thing. Never underestimate the power of a sincere thank you for your time today  or thank you for all that you do for the company. 

10. Make It a Habit

Showing employee appreciation shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. Keep productivity and morale high (and turnover low) by making acts of gratitude a permanent part of your daily routine.