TIP TUESDAY: Celebrating Birthdays at the Office

Celebrating co-workers’ birthdays is a great way to spice up office life, and provide employees recognition. Below are a few office birthday celebration ideas to incorporate into your workplace’s traditions with out disrupting the workday too much.
Outside-the-Office Birthday Celebration

Celebrate one or more people’s birthdays offsite at a local restaurant, bar, batting cages, bowling alley, or anywhere else! Choose a different location for each celebration or for each month to keep it interesting, and try to personalize the location to the person’s interests.

In-Office Ice Cream Bar

Especially if you’re honoring multiple birthdays, setting up an in-office celebration with an ice cream bar is a great way to party with a customizable treat for the whole office. By having the following ingredients stocked in the office pantry and freezer, you’ll be ready to celebrate one or many birthdays each month.
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Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate ice cream
Candy pieces
Walnut pieces
Chocolate Chips
Small, bite-sized cookies OR crushed Oreos
Dried fruit, or fresh fruit if you have it
Chocolate and caramel sauce

Add some variation! To make it more interesting and personalized, mix it up with different kinds of foods and toppings, like root beer for floats.

Birthday Trivia

Especially good for smaller, tighter-knit offices, another fun idea is to host a trivia game about the birthday boy or girl. Not only does this add a fun twist to birthday celebration, but also lets everyone get to know each other better. All that is needed is a pen and paper, making it an easy, team-building birthday celebration.

Custom Gift Baskets “ Great for Remote Employees Too

Another office birthday celebration idea is to give custom gift baskets to the birthday person. These are great as there are so many options, from crackers and cheese, to sweets, to knick-knacks. This makes it much easier to customize and personalize the gift for the birthday person. Another great benefit of this celebration office is that they can be mailed to remote employees as well.

Birthday Breakfast Bash with Bagels and Muffins

Kick off the celebration day with fun breakfast items for a single birthday honoree or all the birthdays for that week or month. Muffins and bagels are easy and popular breakfast items. Don’t forget a birthday candle for the honoree’s muffin!

Give the Honoree(s) a Gift Card Unique to Their Hobbies

One way to show how much you appreciate the birthday person is with a gift card to a store that matches hobbies and interests they have. Support their craft hobby or love of the outdoors with a gift card to match. Try reaching out to some of the birthday person’s closest coworkers to get some ideas.

Decorate Their Desk

Keep some fun decorations on hand, like party hats, small banners, streamers, balloons, etc. and decorate their desk before they arrive in the office on their birthday or the closest day. Stock a variety of different items and colors so you can personalize it to the person’s taste/favorite color.