TIP TUESDAY: Creative Marketing that Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Creative Ideas that DON’T Cost a Fortune

  1. Try making your marketing piece a paper airplane instead — of course you’ll have to have a catchy message to go with it.
  2. Do a spoof on your product or service — One of my customers years ago handed out band-aids as his business card. He was in the knife sharpening business.
  3. Make your business card stand out – different size, different shape, or if you do have a few bucks to spend, really make it unique. ie. If you sell cheese, make your card a cheese grater…
  4. Mail your potential clients a unique letter with something in the envelope. ie. pen, tiny toy, anything that makes the envelope lumpy. Curiosity killed the cat you know…
  5. Create a game similar to the one above, if the prize is what people are looking for, they will participate.
  6. Tie a sample of your product to a business card
  7. Here’s an oldie but a goodie — mail a personalized greeting card, thank you, welcome – anything.   Snail mail is making a comeback.
  8. One of my favorites – the good old-fashioned post-it-note. Hand deliver your brochure in an envelope, on the outside of the envelope, put a post-it-note with the words ‘Knock. Knock’. People just have to find out what the joke is..
  9. and the bonus… idea, again via snail mail, put a length of string tied (long enough for that old string game on the fingers — you know the one) in an envelope with a bit of the string sticking out when you seal it. Again, curiosity killed the cat.   The reason for the string — nostalgia! People love almost anything that makes them think of their childhood…

The point is:  Be Different. Stand out from your competitors!

and don’t forget the follow-up – Get just as creative with that!