TIP TUESDAY: 15 Ways to Address Negative Morale

Negative or low morale among employees can be problematic for employers. Not only does it lead to an unhappy workplace, but it can also cause increased turnover and decreased productivity. And unfortunately, it can be difficult to fully recover from low morale once it sets in.

What can HR do?

It can seem daunting to address low morale, given the many possible issues, but fortunately, there are many actions managers can take, such as:

  • Provide managers with training on recognizing and combating low morale.
  • Provide training to improve problem behaviors.
  • Consider providing both employees and managers with training on emotional intelligence.
  • Discipline or terminate problem employees.
  • Always investigate employee complaints.
  • Pay attention to managerial problems; don’t allow bad bosses to stay in their roles.
  • Provide resources to help managers do their jobs well.
  • Implement effective anti-harassment, anti-bullying, anti-discrimination, and anti-violence policies.
  • Conduct surveys to determine employee engagement levels and get feedback.
  • Encourage organizational leadership to communicate well and be transparent in how the organization makes decisions.
  • Work with others in the organization to implement programs for employee feedback and recognition.
  • Work with others in the organization to implement clear career paths and employee development programs.
  • Be strategic in hiring decisions; hire extra help when needed.
  • Work with the rest of the team to ensure proper employee training.
  • Train managers to proactively look for signs of stress and burnout and take steps to reduce them.

What has your experience been in addressing low morale? What would you add to this list?