TIP TUESDAY: How to Thank Employees ”and Make It Matter

{Excerpted from an article at HR Daily Advisor online by Carrie Andrews, Head of Corporate Marketing at Sterling, a leader in global background and identity services.}

As Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse, says, a company is only as good as its people.  A solid team of qualified professionals makes for a successful business ”after all, they are what keeps the engine running! With all that your staff members do on a daily basis, it’s only right to express how grateful you are for their time, contributions, and even sacrifices for the company.

Plus, staff who genuinely feel a sense of purpose and belonging in the workplace are typically more productive in their daily responsibilities and are overall more loyal to the business itself ”truly a win-win. So how can you express your gratitude while simultaneously increasing employee engagement?

While there is no cookie-cutter method to showing employee appreciation and boosting office morale, here are 5 key rules of thumb (come back our blog next Tuesday for the other 5). Implementing some or all of them in your office will help convey a sense of respect and gratitude to all employees and ensure your business has the most productive year yet.

1. Put it in Writing

Most employers do their due diligence of saying thanks!  to employees throughout the day. But the term doesn’t hold as much weight if the exchange happens while running to the next meeting or as a quick e-mail response. Writing an occasional note of sincere thanks to each member of your staff will resonate in a profound way.

2. Take Note

Get to know your team members by discussing their interests beyond spreadsheets or presentations. Your employees will appreciate that you have taken the time to learn more of their interests and what ultimately motivates them ”both personally and professionally.

3. Celebrate Professional and Personal Achievements

One of the best feelings in the world is accomplishing a great feat. By the same token, one of the worst is when that accomplishment gets completely overlooked. Remembering each employee’s list of New Year’s resolutions is too much to ask, but there are things you can do to make it more realistic. Aim to be more present in quick daily exchanges, or try jotting down a note or two post-water jug conversation. The next time you find yourself speaking with that employee, ask for an update, and watch his or her face light up.

4. Consider Contributing to Higher Education

While not every company has the means to sponsor furthering education for an entire team, it may be worth doing some research to see what contributing a percentage would entail. Weigh the different cost options, and consider it an investment in your employees.

5. Extend Holiday Breaks and Long Weekends

Employees, on average, spend about 1,811 hours at work each year. Closing for a few days around the holidays is routine. Show how much you really appreciate your employees by offering them a couple of additional days off to share with their loved ones.

Remeber to come to The Hire Solution blog next Tuesday for 5 more tips on how to thank your employees.