Throwback Thursday: Wrapped Bread

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Would you buy an unpackaged, unwrapped loaf of bread to take home for your family to eat? Well, bread loafbefore July of 1928, you would have had to do so. On Jan. 16, 1908 Inventor R.L. Lynch reported to Washington newspapers his experimental demonstration of wrapping bread when it is taken from the oven to prevent contamination during distribution to customers. Local bread makers adamantly opposed wrapping, insisting that it degraded taste and digestibility. A government chemist then tested Lynch’s method extensively using various papers and found the bread to be as good or even better after 24 hours than unwrapped bread bread inj bagand equal in condition to a freshly baked loaf – but bakers still opposed wrapping until July of 1928, after sliced bread was invented (“the best thing since sliced bread”!) when the public demanded sliced bread and wrapping the sliced loaf was the only way to keep it together and fresh.

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