TIP TUESDAY: 3 Keys to Spotting Corporate Talent in Nontraditional Candidates

By Isaiah Hankel, Founder & CEO, Cheeky Scientist for HR Daily Advisor online Locating corporate talent in nontraditional candidates might require some new hiring practices, but it’s worth it to tap into a pool of qualified, bright candidates who are being overlooked. Here are the best ways to find those new additions: Rethink Your Qualifiers […]

WEDNESDAY WORKFACT: 80% of Jobseekers See Value in Video Job Ads

By Melissa Blazejak, Editor, HR Daily Advisor Finding top talent is a huge challenge for many employers across the country. However, if you begin to understand jobseekers and what they want, you may be better equipped to stand out among your peers. One way to do this is by keeping up with the latest hiring […]

WEDNESDAY WORKFACT: HR Stats, Facts and Trends

According to statistics from Bersin, KPMG, Edelman, Gallup, Glassdoor, BambooHR and other HR research reports: $4,000 is the average amount U.S. companies spend to fill an open position. (Talent Acquisition Factbook, Bersin by Deloitte) It takes an average of 52 days to fill an open position, up from 48 days in 2011. (Talent Acquisition Factbook, […]

TIP TUESDAY: The Psychology of Hiring & Retaining Top Talent

By Eric Frazer, Psy.D., Psychological Consultant for the Daily Advisor online Identifying the so-called soft psychological skills  of high performers can be challenging, especially when considering that many personality tests are outdated and don’t capture the emotional intelligence attributes of current and new (Millennial/Gen Z) workers in 2019. Those outdated tests told you that […]

WEDNESDAY WORKFACT: Attracting and Retaining Millennials & Gen Z

Following a year where geopolitical and social concerns gave rise to a new wave of business activism, millennials and Gen Z are sounding the alarm, according to Deloitte’s 7th annual Millennial Survey.z The responses of more than 10,000 millennials in 36 countries, and 1,080 GenZs in six countries, suggest that this is an ideal time […]

TIP TUESDAY: A New Employee’s First Day

An effective onboarding process ensures that new hires will feel welcome and prepared to take on their job, and understand the requirements of the position and performance expectations. Successful onboarding will also contribute to the likelihood that your new employee will become a long-time employee! The checklist below can help you outline your employee onboarding […]

TIP TUESDAY: Developing a Strong Hiring Plan

by Jennifer Carsen, J.D., Senior Legal Editor & Karen Barretta, Contributing Editor, HR Daily Advisor Employers can’t develop effective hiring strategies without knowing the kind of talent they already have on board, what they’ll need in the future, and how to fill any gaps. A workforce analysis can identify those gaps so that employers can […]


{excerpted from CareerBuilder} Does it seem that your company often takes so long in deciding which candidate to hire for your department’s open position? Consider this: According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 75 percent of employers said they have hired the wrong person for a position, and of those who had a bad hire affect […]