Temporary Staffing

Computer hand typingWhen business demands that products be moved out the door or services be delivered, but revenues prohibit a new hire, temporary staff is an excellent solution. We excel in the area of office support personnel. During a visit to your company to meet with you about your expectations, we will develop the skill set and timeline you require for the temporary. You want your customers to be pleased, no, thrilled with your service. A temp can ease the stress of looming deadlines by stepping in to complete short term tasks or long term projects. Our candidate pool offers admins, accounting specialists, customer service reps, account managers, payroll processors and generalists. Temps are available for as short a time as four hours to an indefinite length of assignment. They can work part time, full time, days or evenings. We find who you need to work when you need them.


As the employer of all temporary employees, The Hire Solutions pays all costs associated with our temporary employees, which include:

  • Social Security
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • FUTA
  • SUTA

You only pay one amount for hours worked, no other hidden expenses.