TIP TUESDAY: 5 Tips for Getting Back to Work Next Week

As we approach the Independence Day weekend, here are tips from Forbes magazine for helping you and your staff get back to work after a holiday or vacation.

“While many of us expect to sit down at our desks after time away filled with boundless energy and restored creativity that will fuel new projects, what usually ends up happening is that we spend several scattered hours (or days) trying to process a deluge of emails and falling further behind on tasks that have built up in the interim. How can you avoid the post-vacation crush and hang on to that refreshed glow?”

1. Actively plan for your return to work. Treat your return as something that needs to be managed in advance as well as getting ready to leave.

2. Factor in some triage. We typically try to make up for everything that didn’t get done for a few days. Try to push some items to the next day to give yourself some breathing room.

3. Your out-of-office voice- and e-mail responses are your first line of defense–wield them to your advantage. Leave them on for a few hours that first day back; your coworkers will know you’re available but it will help stem the tidal wave of outside inquiries, or at least lower the expectation of an immediate response.

4. Feeling especially brave? Skip the days of wading through email and nuke your inbox. A post-vacation email purge can be just the thing you need to get back on track without losing an entire day to email maintenance.

5. While you strive to be indispensable – also realizing that you’re not might make you a better employee! Learn to plan ahead, rely on your coworkers, and understand that sometimes, it’s inevitable that you’ll miss out on that last-minute request, and you’ll be that much more productive when you return.

17 Important Jobs That No Longer Exist

Check out this article from Independent Journal Review online (IJReview.com) milkmanto see descriptions and photos of jobs that no longer exist in the USA, nor probably in most any other countries. http://www.ijreview.com/2014/09/173651-13-jobs-used-important-longer-exist/

The Real Way to Make Networking Work for You

from Mary Beth Kuzmeski at Red Zone Marketing online

Explains Mary Beth: “When writing the book, The Connectors, I observed fairly quickly that the most successful businesspeople I interviewed were incredibly skilled at networking, but not in the way that I thought of networking. And the main reason? It appeared that they were not out to make a sale during networking. They had a mindset that fostering and creating a relationship with someone that could become a great advocate for them is good business. Ah, a great lesson learned.”

Read her entire article here: http://www.redzonemarketing.com/the-real-way-to-make-networking-work-for-you/

TIP TUESDAY: Setting Priorities

Most of us have more things we want or need to do than the time available. Since time cannot be created, we need to make choices and make a plan. Planning is the key to relieving the stress of too little time. Plans can be made for long-term or short-term goals. Start by making daily plans. Lots of calendars/time-trackers are available or use a small spiral notebook.

A daily plan involves two things. First, list the items you want to do, then prioritize the items on the list. The ABC method works quite well. Use it at home and at work.

Priority A: “Must do” items. These are critical items. Frequently they have an approaching deadline. But don’t let deadlines keep you from putting the items important to you in this category such as time with family. Most of your time should be spent on these.
Priority B: “Should do” items. These are not essential, but are important. They can be done tomorrow.
Priority C: “Nice to do” items. These can be fit in slack periods or done later.

TIP TUESDAY: 5 Tips on Helping Employees Take Pride in Their Work

  • Employees are your most important assets, so hire the best, provide training and growth opportunities, and recognize good performance
  • Have a meaningful, concise and realistic job description for each employee. Make sure you review it with the employee and that it’s understood.
  • Be sure employees know what is expected of them. Establish high standards of performance ethics
  • Offer specialized training or skills enhancement to your current employees. Promoting from within encourages and motivates your greatest assets–your current workforce.
  • Create a New Employee Referral Bonus Program. Describe your needs in title and duties and offer a reward for your “most wanted.”

Courtesy of SCORE, the Service Corps Of Retired Executives