How to write a successful ad in an Economic downturn

I’m not crazy to suggest you need a strategy to find good people during the highest unemployment in the last two decades.

I’m not crazy to suggest that you look at hiring good people during the worse economic downturn in four decades.

If you’re planning to stay in business you should be planning a strategy to handle the hundreds of resumes you will receive in the next few weeks.

Even job seekers who slowed their search during the holidays will be out there in staggering numbers.

Don’t force yourself or managers or HR to react to the slew of resumes and inquiries you’ll receive.

Be proactive and run an ad for the exact person you want.  It’s true that this is an employer’s market but you want to screen carefully.  The end result of every ad, every search is a successful hire.  Someone who will embrace your company’s vision and make it their own.  Someone who will represent your company’s values and standards as their own. The antithesis of a successful hire results in exorbitant costs, decreased morale and questionable business practices.

Five questions to ask yourself that can help you achieve clarity and a successful hire.

  1. Can I accurately and concisely summarize the job description?
  2. Which people should contribute to the description?  Managers and co-workers may have important distinctions or definers.
  3. What am I trying to accomplish? How wide or narrow a net do I want to cast?
  4. Who is the best person to confirm the information in the ad and the direction of the position?
  5. What method of communication is most productive?  Phone screens, face to face tiered interviews, conversational (telephone) interviews or initial e-mail exchanges.