New Norm

We don’t mean a replacement for Norm Peterson from Cheers!

Workers believe the recession is still lingering. 86% of adult workers feel the economy is still in a recession. The new norm is that companies are not giving back what they took away. They might give back some of the benefits but not at the same richness. The new level is lower.

The current survey, completed by the Society of Human Resource Management’s, Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE), indicates that hiring during the end of the third quarter of 2010 will follow the current trend of modest job additions to the private sector job force.

34% of employees deal with low morale. Supervisors and managers are talking to each other and discussing ideas to engage employees.

How is morale in your company? Do you “know everyone’s name”?

Simple common sense ways to build morale and re-engage your employees’ mind set and focus.

  • Build TRUST.  Respond to questions about the company’s intent to cut personnel, hire personnel or hold steady. Discuss changes to existing work schedules and benefits. Explain what cuts must be taken and how the decisions were reached.
  • Encourage TRANSPARENCY.  Discuss challenges on the table for management/ownership. Help employees understand what is expected from them and show them they are valued and respected. Security based on trust is needed to build an engaged work force and an innovative, exciting environment.
  • Manage TALENT.  According to careerbuilder.com 32% of employers are concerned about losing top performers in their company.

What will keep your high-performing workers happily tethered to your company?

Career advancement opportunities

  • Will your gen x people ever take over the corner office from your “not ready to retire” baby boomer?

Work culture

  • Is the environment at your company one of trust and appreciation?

Financial Stability & Growth Potential

  • Does your company have sustainable & renewable growth and revenue streams for the long term?

Training & Learning

  • Does your company offer continuing education opportunities and position specific certifications?

Less stressful environment

  • Do you outsource projects or bring in outside labor to ease work overload?
  • Are there family friendly policies in place?

Flexible with work arrangements

  • Are there programs for flex-time and job sharing?
  • Can employees do a ‘remote day’ and work from home?

A sense of ownership in position

  • Do employees fee they can make a difference?
  • Are there opportunities for suggestions and input?


  • Does your company profess a family-like work environment?
  • Are there gatherings outside of work to initiate employee socialization with families?

Employers who have or can develop a management model that fosters trust and confidence will retain a talented, engaged workforce.  That workforce will engender company growth and reinvestment–the ultimate bottom line win-win.

“After the game is played, the king and the pawn go into the same box.”