The ABC’s of Hiring

Business is now at the next stage of recession recovery. Companies have waited years re-tool, re-vamp and re-hire; all the while re-inventing themselves to stay afloat, to appeal to a new market, to keep their share of an existing market.

Economists use algorithms and charts, plotting financial goals and predicting outcome. Hiring new staff doesn’t require algorithms and charts…or at least it shouldn’t.

There are three points to focus on when you begin to wade through the sea of applicants.

Consider three questions and be diligent about them. Interview with these questions in mind. Check background with these questions in mind. Do not settle for less than all three. Each question may be asked using different words, but every question, is a merely a variation on:

ABILITY Can they do the job? Do they have the strengths (technical and inter-personal?
BUY-IN Are they going to love doing the job? Is there strong motivation?
CHEMISTRY Will you love having them on the job? Is there an organization culture fit?

It is as easy as ABC, but only if you are totally honest in your evaluation and assessment.

Testing can evaluate the level of knowledge and skills.

Assessments can evaluate compatibility/engagement.

Personality profiling can measure/reveal personality styles and people skills.

If you like them and they are capable and motivated your customers will most likely like them too. 68% of customers leave because of indifference, unfriendly people, lack of attention, or rude service.

In reviewing CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast, employers expect to add new jobs but are waiting for the economy to take an uptick before they open the gates on hiring. Nearly one in four hiring managers plan to hire full-time permanent employees this year.

If you are one of the four who will be hiring, remember the importance of that ‘click’ between you, your staff, your corporate and your new hire. Without that click, a new hire can become the clunker that pulls down productivity, impairs morale and destroys customer relationships. Use the ABC’s of hiring and give yourself the best possible chance of hiring the Absolute Best Click.